Relocation services trust the Neal & Fraser team to assist in the transfer of top corporate executives to and from Toronto. Why? Marian and Carver are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their clients and building lasting relationships. They achieve this by approaching the real estate business on a consulting basis, rather than selling and telling. Consulting means asking questions and – most importantly – listening to the answers. As your REALTORS®, it is their job to understand your needs and to respond to them promptly, professional and with integrity.

Moving to Toronto

For those moving to Toronto we can offer a package of special services, leveraging our more than 30 years of local experience.

Prior to departure
Information package, together with ongoing phone and email support on

  • Local real estate market trends, including house price statistics for Toronto
  • Requirements for school enrolment
  • How to apply for a social insurance number (if required), Ontario Health Insurance coverage, Ontario Driver’s Licence, importing a car
  • Public transportation
  • Health care
  • Things to do in Toronto
  • Recommendations for temporary accommodation if required
  • Comprehensive  moving checklist

Pre-arrival inspection visit

  • Meeting to discuss detailed housing requirements
  • Explanation of the house purchase process in Ontario in clear and simple language, including “who pays for what” and an estimate of costs
  • Advice on future resale considerations
  • Driving tour of possible neighbourhoods
  • Information on  schools  and school rankings
  • Recommendations to lawyers, mortgage/banking experts if needed

Upon arrival

  • Showings of suitable properties as soon as they hit the market (sometimes before they appear on MLS® due to our extensive network of local contacts)
  • Negotiation on behalf of the transferee, in a skilful, educated and professional manner, ensuring his/her best interests are fully represented
  • Leveraging a solid understanding of cross-cultural negotiations acquired through years of experience serving Toronto’s diverse community
  • Review of all offers to assist with an objective evaluation
  • Monitoring of time limits and explanation of all terms and conditions
  • Recommendations, coordination and attendance at any inspection or appraisals as needed
  • Innovative thinking to provide ongoing solutions to any challenges which may arise
  • Management of all details to ensure the transaction closes in a timely and stress-free manner

Follow through
Supply of information and advice as needed on

  • Local shopping
  • Suppliers (handymen, decorators, furnishings, etc)
  • Community services and activities


Moving From Toronto

Marketing your home

Advice on

  • proper pricing to ensureproperty enhancement (repairs, improvements, home staging)
    • greater response from advertising
    • more Agents, more Buyer prospects, and more showings
    • your property sells for a higher value
    • reduce market time
    • less inconvenience
  • property documentation
  • photo/video session
  • MLS® marketing
  • online marketing, including social media
  • feature sheets, direct mail campaigns, target marketing
  • ensured accessibility with a lock box
  • leverage of the RE/MAX brand with our signage
  • monitoring of market activity
  • communication and follow-up

Selling your home
Marian Neal has completed negotiating training at the highly regarded Rotman School of Business in Toronto. This combination of experience and professional development present a skill set that is tough to rival at the bargaining table.

Neal & Fraser will:

  • Negotiate on your behalf in a skilful, educated, and professional manner, ensuring that your best interests are fully represented
  • Leverage a solid understanding of cross-cultural negotiations through years of experience serving Toronto’s diverse community. Such insight equips them to handle transactions that may involve a more strategic approach
  • Review all Offers and assist you with objectively evaluating each Buyer's proposal, and explain the terms and conditions
  • Monitor all time limits, terms, and conditions on contingencies that need to be met by you and the Buyer
  • Coordinate any inspections or appraisals that may be necessary in the sale of your home

Administrative Support
To ensure a smooth process, Neal & Fraser has skilled office staff to provide needed back up and support, allowing us to focus on the more important aspects of effectively marketing your property. Neal & Fraser’s office assistant, along with the administrative team at RE/MAX Hallmark, provide the support they need to honour their commitment to you – to spend our time looking for Buyers for your property, and to sell your property for top price with the shortest market time. You will be working with Neal & Fraser directly. They are always available to meet your needs, answer all questions, and address any concerns that you may have.

Service Excellence
Neal & Fraser will assist with any needs that may arise before, during, or after the sale of your property. Their commitment to providing excellent service does not end at the closing date. They maintain a long term view of their business and the clients they serve.

At your new destination
For those moving to other locations Neal & Fraser can offer their extensive relocation and referral network. RE/MAX is the largest real estate company in North America and has offices in Europe, Asia, India, Australia, and South America. There are over 100,000 RE/MAX sales professionals in more than 80 offices worldwide. Within Canada RE/MAX holds a 35% market share, is number 1 in 150 markets across the country and has over 20,000 RE/MAX agents in 654 independently owned and operated offices.

Neal & Fraser has established many strategic partnerships with Agents across the country by attending various national RE/MAX events. We can confidently recommend you to a trusted REALTOR®, no matter what your destination.


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