What Happens Now

The corks have popped and the SOLD sign is on the lawn, and at last the endless stream of Agents and Buyers has ended.  But we're not done yet ....  In between the sale and closing a number of important things have to happen.

Select a lawyer

Please let us have the contact details for your lawyer so we can send him or her a copy of all the necessary documents.

If you don’t already have a lawyer we’ll be happy to supply you with the names of some experienced real estate lawyers to choose from.

Here is a checklist of items your lawyer will need for closing.

Book your mover

End of the month moves and certain times of year can be particularly busy.  We suggest you book a mover as soon as possible. Check if your mover offers storage (just in case closing is delayed at the last minute or you have problems obtaining keys).

Decluttering and downsizing

If you have unwanted items to sell or dispose of prior to your move we have a list of services you may find useful.

(Condos only) Contact the Management Office

Many condo buildings have restrictions on when residents can move out.  Check with the management office for details and to book the elevator.

Buyer visits

Your offer may include several buyer visits; we will let you know as soon as they are requested.

Before closing there may also be a request for an inspection by the buyer’s bank appraiser.  This is normal procedure when a mortgage is being arranged and is usually a 30 minute walk-through.

Moving Checklist

Here is a copy of our moving checklist .  You can make arrangements with most utilities online the links are all here   on our website.

What do I do with the keys?

You will give all your keys to your lawyer for delivery to the Buyer, once the deal is closed.  If you are purchasing as well as selling, bear in mind that most closings don’t happen until late afternoon.


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