A better way to track listings using Collab

A better way to track listings using Collab

We’d love to send you an invitation to Collab, a new tool which is exclusive to the Toronto Real Estate Board and available by invitation only. may still be the most visited real estate website in the country, but if you’re interested in tracking listings in the GTA, then Collab is a far superior tool.


Real time updates. updates once every 24 hours. In a hot market, listing can be sold before you even get to see them. Collab is linked directly to the database used by the agents. As soon as listings go live on MLS, you’ll be notified.

Set up and edit your own searches. Previously your agent had to do this for you. While we can continue doing this in Collab, many clients prefer to quickly edit details themselves, such as search area boundaries, price range and specific features.

Communcation with us. It’s called Collab, because communication is built-in. Favourite listings, add them to lists, and make comments for us to read. So much easier than emails or text messages, as the whole conversation is in a single platform.

Control notifications. Set them to suit your needs and change them if you’re getting swampedt. Instant, every 6 hours, every 12 hours or once a day are all options.

Superior layout. Beautiful photos, clearer text, transit and mortgage information, all in a responsive design to display attractively on your tablet or phone, or computer. 

Interested? Just drop us a note at and we’ll send you an invitation.

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